To if taking in account each item of planning it is pertinent to affirm that all they are dependents, are chained, that is, one goes to need the other so that the elaboration all has a logical and equal consistency in the text. Garcez (2001, P. 17) also comes to work some consideraes on the act to write of form to facilitate in the planning and the production of the text. They are: To make a word-key list; To write down everything what it comes to the mind, disorderedly, stops later cutting and commanding; To write the main idea and the secondary ones in isolated phrases stops later establishing connection them; There to construct a first paragraph to unblock and later going developing the displayed ideas. In this manner, it can be affirmed that to construct a text without a planning it is to be predestinate to commit errors and consequently to have that to effect corrections, therefore the same contradictions will go to mainly help to keep the logic in the text preventing, that is, keeping coherence and promoting connective that they assist in the cohesion.

Therefore, to write of random form without a previous planning is to work two times. COHESION AND COHERENCE the elements more comumente worked in textualidade way are the cohesion and the coherence that, for Oliveira (2008, P. 194), mention the faces to it of the same currency, therefore it is about ' ' joints of construction form and direction of the mesh textual' ' , these elements are of basic importance for the construction of a text. The cohesion happens in the way as the relations of felt if they establish, says respect to the set of semantic resources by means of which a sentence if binds with that it came before. These sentences organized and articulated between itself are constructed by means of grammatical mechanisms and lexical, that is, it is the activation of the lexicon-grammatical system.