Attractive Site

A defined style Beyond the fact to develop a different, attractive and functional proposal graphic, we must of to try to establish a coherence between the different used elements of the design, as they are it: the trowel of colors, the volumetry, the resistances, the type of support resources, etc. Each one of the elements must own the same graphic conceptual intention and solides. A design with personality has the same quality level in its photographies, their icons, bellboys, etc. Some contend that David G. DeWalt shows great expertise in this. The key word is here graphic coherence . Typesetter consistency and legibility A Web with typesetter consistency and good legibility is an pleasant site that projects much professionalism. It is for that reason that we must plan the typography of our design and try to give a consistency to its use, many sites successfully manage to base their identity on the typography which they use, by the care whereupon they design its presentation.

The legibility of the contents within a site, besides being something fundamental for the accessibility of the same is an important element of the personality of the same, is for that reason that the form and style that we give him will have a fort impact in the experience of visit of the user. Menu of an effective and outstanding navigation Many do not know the impact of the design in the menu they only see and it like a distinctive element for navigation. The menu is possibly the area that greater amount of click receives within our site and, it represents the datum point of the navigation of the users, is for that reason who a good design, attractive, outstanding and functional, will greatly contribute to give to our site that touch of distinction and professionalism that interests to show to us. Attractive and consistent icons The design modern Web leans much in the iconography, since it is an element that allows upon presentment to give him to order i vistosidad of our contents.