Arabian Peninsula

Arabic is widely spoken not only in the Arabic-speaking countries but also beyond them. It has the status of state language in these countries, as well as it is one of the official languages of the United Nations. Arabic language spoken by about 250 million people. According to some assumptions, in the early centuries of our era, the concept of "Arabic" combines closely related tribal dialects, which were distributed in the north and the central part of the Arabian Peninsula. There was also a poetic form and language that was spoken. Poets wrote their works orally transmitted and they are said to "word of mouth." Along with this developed a common spoken form of language used by prophets and priests. Later variants of one language interpreters of all the tribes on the Arabian peninsula formed the basis for the formation of both the literary and written pan-Arab language. Koran – this is the first monument to the written language, which dates from the middle of VII century AD.

Nature of the sacred texts retained all the features of the language is almost unchanged to this day. First record oral poetry tribes belong to the VIII-IX centuries AD. Written literary language is being used in scientific and educational spheres, supplemented and improved. In connection with the merger and the strengthening of Arab society, the formation of the state, the administering authority, the army and the Muslim community, which led to the spread of the religion of Islam, began to form pan-Arab spoken language.