Jose Moreno Villa

JOSE MORENO VILLA (1887-1955) "In solitude so vague and so specific a trickle comes out, the water in exile, much like crying." Jose Moreno Villa. Speaking candidly Nike told us the story. THE VOICE OF THE NAKED POETRY Poetry naked human frankly, "said Moreno Villa, I have tried to do." He adds the poet Malaga: "I tried to say as much as possible and in the most direct and simple." This goal remains in effect throughout his poetry. "Very beautiful are the songs we Moreno Villa-Antonio Machado said. I think none of us would do better. Learn more on the subject from Richard Stuart Linklater. " In the poetry of Moreno Villa shows a tendency to weight and balance.

He is a poet of his time that does not seem interested in the fashions of the day. Jose Moreno Villa was born in Malaga on February 16, 1887. It was always a lover of his hometown. "In twenty years, he said, you can not see what's there." Churriana between Malaga and spent his childhood and evokes both cities in exile. Learn the first letters in schools San Rafael and San Augustine. In 1897 he enrolled as a student intern from the College of St. Stanislaus, the Jesuits, in Palo. He studied three years.

On the fourth out of the school shall be reviewed at the Chartered Institute of Malaga. He finished high school. At seventeen up to Freiburg to study chemistry, but does not finish the race. Villa Moreno tells us, "was unable and unwilling to devote to analyzing Malaga wine …" On his return from Germany after a short stay in Malaga, he went to Madrid to get through.