Special Education

Louis, that contributed for the studies destined to the superendowed subdotados ones and. Montessori Maria who created ' ' Montessori&#039 method; ' , based in the education of the tteis and motor sensations. Piaget and Rey, that had contributed with studies for the Infantile and Youthful Psychiatry, in the Switzerland, Freud that renewed the psychiatric conceptions in Austria, Melanie Klein and Ana Freud that had explained the principles of Freud to the children. Pavlov that gave to new route Infantile Psychiatry in Russia. Thanks to them many others that if had dedicated to the studies for improvements of life for the deficient ones, had been to the few if undoing that conception maken a mistake and prejudiced that the people had of the deficiency carriers the education of the bonanza one it passed of an empirical, without beddings and methods, even so full phase of value, to a scientific phase, where if it observes a concern with the causes of the problems, its educational syndrome, study and analysis, diagnosis and lines of direction to be indicated. (AXE; ALMEIDA, 1992, p.12) 4.1- SPECIAL EDUCATION: OF THE BRASIL-COLNIA TO THE CURRENT DAYS In Brazil, the first initiatives for the development of the Special Education if still gave at the time where the country was colony of Portugal. During the reign of D.

Padro II they had been created in Rio De Janeiro, the Imperial Institute of the Blind Boys in 1854, current Institute Benjamin Constant and the National Institute of Education of Deaf people (I.N.E.S). In the end of the first reign already six institutions existed in Brazil destined to the attendance of deficient physicists, auditory and visual. But, she was from the works of Helena Antipoff psychologist and educator born in the Russia that the Special Education in Brazil gave a new jump from the new vision stimulated for the work carried through for Helena in Belo Horizonte.