School Material

Every year it is same history in the hour to buy the pertaining to school material of our children, it is a value, another one there, a true infinity of prices in these products here, many of them arriving to vary of a bookstore for another one in up to 400%. Councilman Carlos Dutra PSDB/CE. Worried about this excessiveness, the Councilman Carlos Dutra PSDB/CE, created a law in the City council of $fortaleza, that it aims at to alert to the Parents of pupils for these variations. The law in its integrates says that the bookstores are obliged that function in the scope of the City of $fortaleza, to fix a table of variation of prices of the more requested didactic materials for the schools. ‘ ‘ Already father of family at the beginning of the year is not enough to the citizen to have that to pay: IPTU, IPVA, register pertaining to school, amongst another one also divide to have that to pay for this nonsense with pertaining to school material, the Councilman says Carlos Dutra.’ ‘ So that if it has idea of the so great nonsense, some of these products such as: a simple ones rubber can vary of R$ 0,30 (thirty cents), until R$ 9,00 (nine Reals). Already a notebook of 10 (ten) substances, can cost between R$ 6,00 (six Reals) R$ 32,00 (thirty and two Reals), depending on the drawing or format of the layer of the same.

E the consumer is not informed of this, complemented the Councilman. The table which if relates to the law will have to be in visible places in the bookstores, and amount enough to facilitate the identification on the part of the consumer.