Relaxation Exercises

It may be helpful to practice relaxation exercises: Standing in a comfortable position to do four or five deep breaths. On the exhale say silently, "I love you. All is well "They are also useful visualizations. Visualize provided encouraging results for everything that we propose. Elogiemonos Start with small things. Tell yourself you're a wonderful person. DITEL regularly.

When you look in the mirror every morning tell yourself "I'm cool," "I love you", "I am a wonderful person," or any other positive thing that comes to mind. When you set a new experience, do not criticize, elogiate for having done the best you could at that time. Be consistent. To eulogize a couple of times is not enough. Allow yourself to ask for help Most of us have grown up in the belief that we must do things alone and without help. Especially on issues that touch emotions, feelings, etc. Instead of trying to do everything alone, exhausted and often do not get it, next time ask for help. Let us love our negative traits We have all made negative choices at some point in our lives.

If we get angry and / or punished for doing what we do is perpetuate in this election. Example: A man created a company with his brother, but divided opinion about the company went bankrupt. We continue to believe he could have done differently, and felt terrible for having undertaken the enterprise. This man did not realize that this "error" was just an experience I could learn a valuable lesson.