Project Of Research

This research is without a doubt an experience looking for to understand the reality in the difficulties in teaching Geography by means of analysis and practical lived deeply by professors and pupils of the State School Elvira Saint, as well as developing which the difficulties where the professors find in teaching and the pupils in learning the contents considered for Geography, perceiving that the behavior ahead of disciplines if of the one for the lack of formation in the area. To reflect on these difficulties to teach Geography, with intention to congregate elements capable to mean the work of this disciplines in classroom is basic that the pupil places itself in the time and the space, thus perceiving the transformations that occur in the passage of the life human being, therefore Geography each time more is inserted in the way of life of the people, to know the area, not only as tool of education in the didactic aspect, but also in the socioambiental aspect the didactics goes Here beyond professor knowledge or of academic capacities, it passes to be junction of sociological and philosophical thoughts on diverse subjects. The performance of the professor in education in the public schools is preoccupying and desgastante, and was thinking about this that if tried to find in these professors, its main yearnings, day-by-day distresses and difficulties found in its, inside and outside of the classroom. Continue to learn more with: Richard Linklater. The social responsibility of the professor of Geography, before the speed with that the phenomena occur in this period after-modern quickly supplants the data contained in didactic books. The school is not only one indispensable institution for the reproduction of the system. It is also a release instrument that contributes in greater or minor scales, depending on its especificidades it citizenship to develop the critical thought of the people without which any project of individual or collective release is not constructed..