Personalized Education

1) of the State Advice of Education, that if endorses of the following form: The STATE Chairman of the board OF EDUCATION, in the use of its attributions, accord with the made use one in Art. 210 of the Federal Constitution, Art. 37 of the Law of Lines of direction and Bases of the National Education LDB 9394 of 20 of December of 1996, to seem them: n 11/2000-CEB/CNE, n 36/2004-CEB/CNE, the Processes n 1676/07, 184/08, 185/08, 244/08 and Parecer n 132/2008-CEE/PA that it bases this Resolution and integrates it for all the effect. As if it observes, a legal structure that national guides the course of the EJA, that stops its offers starts in the Federal Constitution and before arriving at the education institutions finally it is normatizada by the State Advice, who in the case of the State of Par, of Resolution 147 exists (2008, P. 2-3), is distinguished the following aspects when it speaks of the structure of the courses: Art. 7 – the Courses of Basic and Average Education, in Adult Young modality e, could be organized and be structuralized with examinations in the process for: I modules; II blocks of you discipline semester; III blocks of you discipline quarterly; cast of you discipline annual; IV stages; VI other forms of organization that take care of to the interests and the necessities of the pupils. 3 – models structures of courses, in the modality of Young Adult, excepting the use of the methodology of Personalized Education, will have to obey the established minimums: Basic I Ensino initial years (1 to 5 year) minimum duration of 02 (two) years minimum age: 15 years; II Basic Ensino final years (6 to 9 year) minimum duration: 02 (two) years minimum age for the beginning of the course: 15 years. .