Latin Philosophers

It also had a poet of considerable merit called D. Great Ausnio. In the end of the century Emperor Teodsio strengtove itself to destroy the last remaining portions of the paganismo. But he had exception of two or three important names; now all the writers are Christian: Q. Aurlio Smaco and Amiano Marcelino. The grammarians had been: Serbian Mauro Honorato, T.

Claude Donato. The writers technician had been: Flvio Vegsimo Renato, P. Vegcio and Empirical Marcelo. In the end of the century, still among the heathen ones, Cludiano, Aviano, Martian Mineu Flix Capela and Macrbio Ambrsio Teodsio are distinguished. Among the Christian authors we detach: Ambrsio saint, Is Jernimo and the prominences of the time were: Turnio Rufino, Aurlio Clement Prudncio, Merpio Pncio Ancio Paolino and Severe Sulpcio. the great name was Aurlio Augustin. 4.5 LATIN LITERATURE AFTER the FALL OF ROME fifth perotaumdo of the Christian age it is characterized by the esfacelamento of the Empire of Ocidente. The provinces go falling in being able of the Barbarians.

Rome turns field invasion, until Odoacro, in 476 a.C assumes the government of Italy, the Latin language started to be said, spreading each time more, and the literature, cultivated until certain limit. Now the clergy privileged more the intellectual culture, giving total importance, therefore it served for its particular interests, assuming all the literary productions in theological character. Among the poets they are distinguished: Rutlio Numaciano, M. Claude Vitor, and Sedlio. Between the historians he was famous Pablo Orsio. Among theological and the moralistas ones we detach Prosperous of Aquitnia, and Pope Lion. Between the grammarians, Fbio Plancade Fulgncio, Ancio Mnlio Torquato Severino Bocio, Great Flix Endio, Prisciano, M. Aurlio Cassiodoro. The writers who had composed histories special had been: Gregorio de Tours, Venncio Fortunato, the Pope Gregorio and Isidoro of Seville. FINAL CONSIDERAES This article come in such a way to contribute for the educators and the people who if to make interested in the search of new knowledge so that let us can more good copreender the origin of Latin Literature, approaching the phases for which literature if desenvolvel, and its main poet of the time, ue trazian a differentiated literature on account of the new thinkers and theories, that belonged the definitive phase.