International Training Center

In our fast-changing world in order to get "on the front line" and not only become a leader, but they remain – must be constantly and diligently to learn. The word "study" we mean not only and not formal in school, college, graduate school, but also training in life and for life. The man who "seizes on the go, able to analyze the situation and find the optimal solution can quickly learn something and effectively apply in practice, has the potential to "break out in the world" and become a leader – the person who influences the lives of millions of people. If a person is not able to quickly and efficiently learn, his finest hour would not last long. Sometimes we it may seem that people are born with the ability to learn that there Movers and Losers, is with the abilities to learn and unable to learn.

And that the "powers that be", "stars" do not have problems in school, they all give easily, they are easily mastered the material and quickly trained. However, I want to dispel this myth, because there is no "learning disability". There are those whom no one ever taught how to learn. Below, I bring to your attention the story of Tom Cruz, which he shared at the opening of the International Training Center for Applied Education. As a child, Tom Cruise was in dozens of different schools in America and Canada. He put the wrong 'diagnosis' – 'dyslexia'. And he said that he 'learning disorder'. Of course, when it hung a label, he thought it was hopeless and do nothing.