Hypotheses Presented

He is aggressive with its brother. Histories Clinical According to information of the mother, E.T is a child who presents a steady clinical picture. Hardly it is sick, only one grippe of time in when, and its clinical description since its birth was not easy. After eighteen days of its birth its problem started. The family led to doctor it evidenced by means of diagnosis emitted through requested examinations for the neupediatria, cat scan and eletroconsafalograma that the citizen suffered to injury caused due to oxygen and blood in the brain. 2,3 Hypotheses of the case the writing is nominal realism the intellectual level is normal Low level of concentration. More info: Levi’s.

Psicopedaggico diagnosis normal intellectual Level, period of training of thought in transistion between the daily pay-operatrio and the operatrio concrete with oscillations. During the E.O.C.A., it was presented with a good logical reasoning, therefore it has great easiness to learn the name of people and one accented capacity to carry through some tasks as clipping, glue, painting of drawing, and identified the first letter of its name, with everything we perceive the oscillations in seriao, conservation and classification. The citizen has space notion, likes dark colors as red and black in group works it respects the limits. To put the great one, difficulty of concentration. Therefore it is probable that the presented difficulties can elapse of some difficulties that the mother passed during gravides. How much to the school, it perceives if that it lacks an adjusted structure to work with children with special necessities and professors enabled in this area, therefore the same one very leaves to desire in relation to the special education. With everything to weigh of being aggressive with the brother during the E.O.C. Of E.T. , Of the affective point of view it mainly demonstrated to be an amiable, affectionate child with the adults, therefore, he prefers to talk with adults.