Wanting to impose on us is one of the main sources of tension, wanting to prevail our opinion, our approach, our way, our desires live flowing it is becoming every moment in what we do, is the authentic way of creating in which he spent a part of the result and the result of us. It is open a channel in our interior by which runs the subtle energy of inspiration and get to make our life a constant creative process. If something can begin to learn to live a relaxed, is cultivating the reflection. Superficiality, hurry, stress, instinctive reactions are part of everyday life, not however lead us to build solid internal Foundation. For relaxed living is fundamental? the instintivismo vitar and encourage contact with ourselves. Using the reflection we acquired a refinement, a psychological subtlety that will be reflected in the way we speak and behave and at the same time will give us a State of serenity that is indispensable to understand, OK, auto know us and ultimately leads to real change.

The person who is always tense and distraught creates in your psyche a restlessness, instability, anxiety. It becomes complicated, difficult, full of labyrinths and contradictory ideas because it is in a State of total disorganization psychological, has lost contact with itself and the self-regulating ability. The second aspect and a point crucial for relaxed living is to live with our mental calm Center. Most of the imbalances and tensions that are manifested in the physical body and emotional level come and feed on certain types of thoughts. No muscle tension without stress or anxiety, and without thoughts that feed the anguish no distressing situations. The same might say every one of negative emotions. We feel as we think and live what we feel. Education of our physical, and in particular movements, postures, words, gestures etc.