Deprived Educativa Company

Also it is precise to put at the disposal of the students, educational and other professional real and nonfictitious resources. Who did not feel satisfaction when they informed to him that a psychologist would work soon in your educative center and felt the frustration when they said to him that only she was to orient to the educational ones in ” some cases puntuales” and that would not work directly with the students. We go! We stop doing traps to us to the solitaire, we must really put all the professional resources available within reach of our students if in truth we want a greater education one better social integration. Without smaller importance they are the physical resources that do and create to a good educative atmosphere, why to have a full classroom of computers (computers) if later there is no a described professor, nor a service technical available Without a doubt who requires an economic, structural and social effort from the State and of all Deprived Educativa Company, a effort in which the decent ones accompany but not in that they are the unique ones in the battle. That collective effort will be worth the pain if what we try in improving the educative and social quality and to not only create spaces of deposits of minors and responsibilities of its adults to position. I finalize with the reflection of a dear student: ” Teacher we can come another day to the municipal library thus we waste time to be in escuela”. Me one to this student and I say: Hopefully we waste more time of school and we recover more time of other significant educative spaces Article published originally in paraquefuturoeducamos.