Name the characteristics that the emerging society takes, according to various authors, focused from the holistic education vision. In the spirit of education exhibits that the Declaration of the main points of holistic education. Starts with the four levels of the Kosmos, speaks of 4 levels of complexity growing, intensely important to understanding evolution on the planet, evolution human and especially evolution of consciousness, societies, cultures, from the nature and relations human with your environment, it is clear the holarquico process, totalities/part, avoiding confuse pre-modernity, modernity and transmodernity, clearly defines, avoiding bad misunderstandings, thinking pre-modern, modern, postmodern, transmodern; giving to an evolutionary historical framework of tradition and mark the direction of the development of holistic education vision process. The need for the start of a new evolutionary concept, carrying this above process tracking the confusion, fragmentation and human errors in your walking through the world. The holarquica of the kosmos and spirituality evolution arises naturally as the Center and at the same time part of this proposed holistic education, which enables the integration of plurality, creating new epistemological relationships, methodologies, representations, as a model multilevel multidimension integrating consistent dimensions and levels of reality, giving us a global picture of the educational proposal.

The base of the pyramid is the spirituality he exhibits in depth as this is, what is it confused, what is not and its importance in the learning process, as it is that it provides integrity, diversity and flexibility in this walk educational and It is forming, at the same time that the individual enters the self a new shape acquiring and transmitting knowledge, respects and recognizes different learning styles and multiple intelligences, suitable for a society espiritual-sustentable, transparent, organized in terms of multinivel-multidimension, and in holistas of learning communities. The principles, models, etc., that determines education holistic are shared and enriched in the dialogues that Dr. Gallegos holds with various educators of international stature. knowledge..