Creative Answers

Do you have to be this way? And if the story told to us was wrong? And if things could be otherwise? Some years ago I read a story that completely transformed the way of life. It gave me hope and strength. He returned dignity to me and made me dream of a better way of living. I invite you to read it, and then the question and if it were true? The story itself is a hindu story and reads as follows: at the beginning did not exist more than Brahma and, for this reason, it was very boring. Brahma decided to play a game, but did not have anyone with whom to do so. So he created a beautiful goddess, Maya (illusion), for the sole purpose of having fun.

Once Maya existed and Brahma explained the purpose of his existence, she said: OK, let’s play the most wonderful game, but you will do what I tell you. Brahma agreed and, following the instructions of Maya, created the entire universe. Initially created the Sun and the stars, the Moon and the planets; then life on Earth: animals, oceans, the atmosphere; all. Then, said Maya: how beautiful is this world of illusion you’ve created! Now I want to create a type of animal that is so smart, and enjoy such conscience, who may be able to appreciate your creation. Finally, Brahma created human beings. Once you finished with the creation, asked Maya when I went to start the game. Immediately, she said. He took to Brahma and cut it into thousands of tiny bits. He put a little piece on the inside of each human being, and said: now the game starts! I’ll make you forget who you are and you have to find yourself. Maya created the dream, and in our days, yet Brahma is trying to remember who is.