New Feature In The HACO Academy EBook Shop For Training And Careers

Recently, the function of online reading in the HACO academy eBook shop is available. Customers can read so the purchased eBook with any computer connected to the Internet directly from the browser. Racines, 30.03.2010 customers of HACO academy shops, a new online shop with over 7,000 eBooks on the subjects of economy, management and career is recently also the function of online reading available. The advantage of this is that the purchased eBooks not only on the personal computer or eBook reader can be downloaded, but read the customer account directly in the browser. This additional feature, we offer our clients the opportunity to use the eBooks, regardless of time and place around the world”says Managing Director Franz Josef Gschnitzer. The possibility of online reading is now available at a growing number of books available. The shop visitors recognize by specifying a corresponding icon, if the desired e-book is already available for the function of online reading. The majority of our customers uses the Offer of the HACO academy eBook stores to advanced vocational training.

Here, users want flexibility in the use of purchased literature. We meet this wish with the possibility of online reading. Many shop customers will use this additional option and feel as useful”is director Simon Gschnitzer safely. HACO academy his further education portal currently offers more expanding. In the near future also articles will be available on. And from autumn 2010 HACO academy seminars and lectures organized with renowned experts.

Freire Apud

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