Tortel Compensation

The Mayor of Tortel, to submit observations from your municipality to the study of environmental impact (EIA) of HidroAysen, expressed that a large part of the community of Tortel, who we were born on this earth, we believe that this project will be very harmful if it is that it is to materialize, in the cultural field, environmental issues, the impact will be tremendous. The Mayor, who arrived last week to Coyhaique to present the document to the service of environmental assessment, reaffirmed that it is a bad thing for the region project. In this sense, recalled the initiatives of this type that have been developed in other districts of the country, like the Alto Bio Bio, where today there is great poverty, progress that was promised on that occasion did not ever, and it has not yet come, and not going to get either because already hence companies retreated and we don’t want that same thing happening with our people in Patagonia. The comments in the document, which reflected the main observations, is questioned the impact on the sector of the Salton trough of Baker River where HidroAysen aims to build the wall of the central Baker 2, pointing out that if it affects the tourism product of the loss of a specific attraction does not mention may be as compensation the repair of the landscape or a conservation area which is intended to compensate other impacts. Adds that improve a circuit that would lose its main attraction corresponds to a measure of mitigation rather than compensation, mitigation refers to moderate effects caused, the compensation to compensate an irremediable prejudice, as that would cause loss of the jumpy of Baker River.

Being so, prompted the holder complement specific compensation measures for the loss of the tourist attraction, which are complementary to mitigation measures. Another point relates to the extraction of aggregates, where prompted the company to comply with the request made on numerous occasions by the DGA and up now it has not been considered defining the course of rivers whereas 100 years of return. This is of particular relevance for the proper risk assessment product of GLOF phenomena and other large floods, which could get worse in case of being flooded areas of aggregate extraction. Also, he speaks bonding company with directly affected villagers living in the commune, so avoid an unequal relationship between the parties. Monday 25 April the deadline having public services to submit comments, after which it is likely that you develop the consolidated evaluation report, on which the environmental assessment Committee should vote before May 16 its approval or rejection of the EIA.


I see the world as poetry …. It is as if I were that. I see my life, the Kosmos in perfect harmony. I believe that this was another big change in me and that has surprised even me. "It is these verses that come from within as if he had someone else to send them? Why all the same that lived, now live with color and harmony? … -Inner magic ….

I answer, … is the spirit that speaks …. Could it be that has been born? Or could it be that without knowing, there always has been? poets say that it is called divine inspiration but now we one, could it be that we are all the same poem? "It happens that when there are these lines, it is as if all I breathed, I expand. If not yet to name, but is a delight to experience. It is as if I connect with the breathing of the Kosmos, a thing that I have is that I feel connected to everything, not as theory, is an experience and this makes me very happy.

Another point that I was very light, which confirmed what we learned, was the form of eco-education. Now not only understand but my vision has changed, when I resolve a situation or something comes to me to be resolved, there is always that everything is connected and it changes my focus, I can not see things in a linear fashion, this position seems incomplete. If you ask me what was achieved with me, I think there was a "synergy" where the whole is greater than the parts.

Educational Content

Articles with educational content of Josep internidad Josep internidad shares a wide range of language and other subjects that are proving me very useful materials in their articles. For example those devoted to morphological and syntactic analysis, the rights humans and even one which speaks of the television of the future, and that more natural to watch TV the way, and thanks to new technologies that currently have, will be the tv a la carte. I’ve been able to download books of Mario Vargas Llosa with a single click that surely will use in my digital ebook. Do me very well when I’ve put exams or select a fragment for any type of text commentary. We do not know very well how the education in the future will end up complying but what is clear is that with new technologies by pulling forward, most likely, soon there will be profound changes in the ways of teaching which are currently carried out. Source: Press release sent by granfjsh.