Love and Genetics

Begin to familiarize with the physiological basis of love can be that selective the object of attraction occurs at the genetic level, that is, roughly speaking, the greater the difference in the genetic codes of both the stronger mutual attraction since more than on the basis of the parents, the healthier and adaptable to their offspring (the principle of heterosis). It is not always this genetic 'trigger' starts the biochemical mechanism at the same time in both, there is a 'spark jumps between the two' – both figuratively talk about this love. But if it does, then necessarily there is a feeling of boundless happiness from a sense of oneness with the beloved person – reckless euphoria of love. Feelings, broke out just one, delivered him a double sense – 'mix' of happiness and sorrow. To survive this (unrequited love) takes time, distance and self-love to not become obsessive, eclipsing all desire – a schizophrenic 'obsession'. A Since the degree of self-control is individual and depends on the overall level of human development – from education, from the patterns of thinking and behavior, and this state is experienced differently. Moreover, the higher the level, the skilled man is able to control your instincts without harm to their own mental health, well – the physical health of others. By the way, often forcing people to seek you liked at any cost is not so much natural love as self-interest of the owner. Rather, the instinct of procreation, which is the basis of the natural love and jealousy and related natural competitive spirit makes men seek partner does not only because of the intimacy, but because of the desire to possess proprietary, and thus – away from rivals.

Making a Difference

The whole world around us, it's an endless source of information, but in order to build a better life, we do not need it all, we need only the part that concerns us personally. Information – this is the first value, valuable information may be only accurate information, valuable accurate information can only be accurate and timely information. Such information is expensive, and information intended only for you, with respect to the situation and at this moment – all is priceless, it just is not the price. In possession of this information is the secret of success. Man is so constituted originally, that he can not command the forces of the universe, it can not independently control the energy of time, gravity and other energies, but he can control himself. It must start with yourself, to get access to only one person was subject to energy. Only with the help of this energy can be changed life for the better, but it can help you become healthy and successful, but it can help to manage the other energies. The name of this energy – and her love can not deny, we can only give. Love – is a universal easy to manage the energy of infinite power, even a grain of love is enough to realize any goals. But people do not know how to use love as energy, he treats her like a feeling, it easily gives up its love to another person or idol just so, and lives with an empty heart.